Raidillon / Eau Rouge at the beginning of the day
Start of Les Combes (#33 Max Verstappen)
Kemmel Straight
Raidillon / Eau Rouge (#44 Lewis Hamilton & #3 Sebastian Vettel)
Kemmel Straight (#33 Max Verstappen)
Kemmel Straight (#33 Max Verstappen)
Raidillon / Eau Rouge (#55 Carlos Sainz)
Raidillon / Eau Rouge and Kemmel
(#20 Kevin Magnussen) before entering Raidillon / Eau Rouge
A Toro Rosso and a Merc getting ready for Pouhon
(#10 Pierre Gasly) back at Toro Rosso flying through Pouhon
Both the Haas drivers going through Pouhon
(#33 Max Verstappen)
Start/finish at the end of the day, taken from the top of corner Bruxelles